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DePuy Synthes is a franchise of orthopaedic and neurosurgery companies. Acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 1998, its companies form part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices group. DePuy develops and markets products under the Codman, DePuy Mitek, DePuy Orthopaedics and DePuy Spine brands.

An analysis about By McNabola & Associates, LLC and published about The Dangers of DePuy Attune Knee Implantsin January 2018:

An estimated 4.4 million Americans currently rely on artificial knee implants. These implants can be used to improve mobility and joint function, especially in the elderly. However, several of these implants have been recalled for faulty designs and several other issues, including the popular DePuy Attune Knee System.

About the Attune Knee System The Attune knee system was created by DePuy Synthes, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the well-known pharmaceutical company. DePuy has created several other knee and hip implants, but the Attune system was first released in the U.S. market in 2010. The artificial joint is used to replace natural failing joints to increase function, stability, and mobility. The implant is cemented to the leg bones to fuse the Attune knee system in place. However, several patients have complained about complications caused by loosening of the cement adhesive used to attach the implant. Since its initial sale in 2010, the DePuy Attune Knee System implants have received multiple complaints, and the company itself has issued a recall on the articulation surface of the device. Despite the lack of a full recall, there have been numerous reports of joint loosening and device failure.

Problems With the DePuy Attune Knee System Over the past few years, the DePuy Attune knee system has been associated with numerous issues and complications. Problems stem from the adhesive cement used to attach the implant, but faulty designs and dangerous materials in the implant itself have also caused issues.

Side effects associated with the Attune Knee System include:

-Joint pain -Loosening of the joint -Joint instability -Joint swelling -Device dislocation -Nerve damage to the knee -Fracturing of knee system components -Fracturing of the femur or tibia -Decreased range of motion -Improper alignment of the implant components -Tibial subsidence -Grinding of the knee joint -Release of implant debris into the body

These issues can lead to complicated issues and may cause serious health concerns. If the implant is misaligned, or the adhesive fails, it could cause the joint to become unstable and can cause extreme pain. Additionally, the release of implant or adhesive debris into the body can cause other serious complications, including infection. In several cases, these issues have led patients to have the implant removed through revision surgery.


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Former Employee - Medical Device Sales Representative says

"Terrible at their communication skills, take forever to get back to you"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"no work life balance here"

Former Employee - Manufacturing Technician says

"Question doing the right thing, it will get you threatened by the hostile management."

Current Employee - Machine Operator says

"Low wages, bad benefits, unprofessional and unqualified management. Unfair merit increases, promotions. Women are a minority. They are not compensated as well as the men, and have more responsibilities. Not one of our supervisors had any prior experience in their positions before Synthes. They have no clue as to what they are doing."

Former Employee - Spine Sales says

"They like the pharmaceutical model, junior salespeople that they can pay less."

Current Employee - Distribution Group Leader says

"Good luck earning a promotion. I have been on multiple “interviews” only to be denied with no feedback on what I need to work on. Below average pay, awful raises, and they will take advantage of your skills without compensation."

Former Employee - Village Idiot says

"Cliques have got to go. Far too many people are put in management that have absolutely no clue wbat the area entails and how to treat people. Dishonest, narcissistic used car salesmen with no ethics whatsoever. Hypocrites. And those that get promotions from them have to worship them like the gods they think they are. Save yourself your dignity- if you have none, you'll be "successful" by robbing the company of a paycheck you don't deserve."

Current Employee - Quality Engineer says

"Weak management. Not in the "Do it right" mindset. Always cuts corners. Has managers and engineers without degrees in place making risky decisions."

Former Employee - Facilities Manager says

"As DePuy some of the worst people on the planet"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor leadership/management talent and structure."

Machine operator (Former Employee) says

"they all don't understand basic math. Everyone has something better to do than train you and get you where you need to be, the health care sucked and nothing ever came of my vacation days when I needed them.noneAll of it"

Manufacturing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Spent 10 years working here and it’s my only regret in life. No place for advancement . Majority of the Managers, and supervisors are strictly out for themselves. Always except the employee to work harder and take on more responsibilities without recognition or compensation.Paid holidaysToo many to list"

IT Site Representative (Current Employee) says

"All areas are bad since the takeover!! There are constant layoffs and no one feels appreciated. There is no job security. It is not a good place to work."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Working there was great loved the availability of hours, i have multiple physical and metal health issues and werent very acceptive to them most of the timeLots of OvertimeRather hire temps than hire on to company"

inspector (Former Employee) says

"Management plays favorites. Supervision is not clear on their decision making and they too play favorites. No chance of moving up in the company. Men oriented. Women stand no chance unless they sleep with upper management."

IT Technician Level (Former Employee) says

"Very un-helpful and unfriendly manager in the IT division. Offered little to no assistance, no one seemed to understand what to do or could understand basic tasks. When asking for assistance, the IT manager will treat you terribly. Extremely low pay considering the work and what they ask of you.NoneSee above."

Set Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Ik voelde me niet welkom op de werkvloer. - - - - - - - - - Hectisch bedrijf, slechte bedrijfsvoering. Relaties op de werkvloer tussen leden van het management."

(Distributor Rep), Various Orthopedic Products (Former Employee) says

"horrible company, run through shady distributors. stay away."

Project Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"24/7 Work/Unorganized Poor training and management. If you do the work but don't kiss up to management then you might as well quit. Terrible culture and you will be working AROUND THE CLOCKNoneEverything else"

Senior Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"I would rather clean dirty hotel rooms the day after Valentine’s Day then to be stuck in here for the next 30 years until I retire. To anyone who wants to make a career and thinks this is the place to be, take it from somebody who works here. Don’t do it, find another place. The pay isn’t worth all the extra s*** that they make you do on a daily basis."

Distribution Associate (Current Employee) says

"I've been working at Depuy for over 3 years as a contractor. When it's time to get a raise everyone gets the same amount (last one was about 30 cents) whether you are an employee that only packs boxes or one that has major responsibilities. If you prove yourself to be a great worker, instead of hiring you to Johnson & Johnson, the management will pile more and more work onto you until you are a hollow shell of a human. Management has absolutely no work ethic. If you would like to do their work for less pay, come on down!"

Sr. Administrative Assistant/Sales Admin (Former Employee) says

"was very cut throat, letting go of the older employees and bringing in all newly college graduates with no experience. They time you when you are away from your desk with going to the rest rooms, very micormanagingnothingvery poor management and management treat employees with disrespect"

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"There was no direction given as to what my responsibilities were. It was more like trial by fire. Everyone was too busy to mentor me into the culture. I did not feel like a part of the team. Every time I tried to ask questions I seemed to just bother them. I was very disappointed with the job.."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Childish behavior from co-workers & leaders always seemed short staffed expected to work OT daily with no notice. Other than that it’s an okay place to work and good benefits."

Clinical Contract Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They are not involved with any part of your employment..all they care about is getting paid to place you somewhere. They don't tell you why/when you are terminated from a job. Break the law when it comes to asking personal questions during job placement.starting payeverything else"

Senior Process Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Did not mesh well with boss. Most of the people I worked with were great! QA staff was a pain in the butt. This job cured me of ever wanting to work for a medical company ever again. Great co-workers, lousy managers."

Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Unable to advance. Criteria for advancement is ambiguous. There are no opportunities to obtain additional training to help further one's career. Tap-on-the-shoulder promotions.Work/Life BalanceUnable to advance one's career."

Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"If you like temp work with multiple promises of getting in full time, then this is the place to be. Management lies about future. Management also promises to leave great review of work on Linked in, but in every case of people I talked to, this was not the case (including mine in which I was told twice, including my last day, that a positive review would be left on Linkedin). Really sad because the the folks in the lab I worked in were great, but because of the lack of integrity by both the management and the lack of Depuy living by their own Credo I could never recommend this company to anyone.The actual people that work are grreat.Lack of integrity by the Depuy culture."

Instrumentista quirurgica (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa donde no se cumple con los contratos establecidos en la licitación. La jefatura directa no es prodigia ej sus funciones y después te culpa a ti de su mala gestión. Promete cosa a los médicos que jamás llegan, no responde los email cuando son urgente. En otras palabras corre riesgo tu integridad moral como persona."


"This company was fined over $5000 for a federal safety violation that took them over 9 months to fix and only after I pressed the issue. They where requiring employees to operation CNC lathes with the doors open during and automatic operation while the employee had their hands in the door near spinning machine tools. Tried to talk me out of reporting or looking at serious safety issues. Was later fired for bad parts I did not make because they did not want me around to keep reporting safety violations. Work there at your own risk. Good old boy club deeply rooted. Also had managers that would not hire females as machine operators and tended to put women in the packaging or inspector jobs even though several of them wanted to run machines. Also saw good women engineers as contractors get passed over because of their gender. I worked in this plant for over 11 years. I saw all of this as first an employee for Synthes until 2012 and then as a JnJ employee until I was wrongfully terminated. Liked running the machines. Management needs to be replaced fully.Steady workGender Based Discrimination, Not safety oriented, no affordable houseing in the area so long drives to work."

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